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Burma/Myanmar Post-Election Outlook: Trials for Triumph
13 November 2015

This briefer summarizes post-election issues, including; the presidential selection process; the military power preserved in the 2008 Constitution; Aung San Suu Kyi's call for "reconciliation talks" with President Thein Sein, Commander-in-Chief Sr Gen Min Aung Hlaing and Parliamentary Speaker Shwe Mann; and the final parliamentary session for sitting MPs.Read more.

Burma Bulletin
October 2015

In the October 2015 issue: The Election Commission (EC) proposes to delay the 8 November elections, promptly backtracks; EC cancels voting in over 600 village tracts, a huge increase over 2010; Tatmadaw hostilities block campaigns, state-backed militias threaten voters; NLD staff and supporters suffer multiple violent attacks; Police arrest NLD activists and crackdown on social media expression; Ma Ba Tha enjoys impunity and USDP support despite hate speech; Only 8 armed ethnic groups sign NCA, Tatmadaw punishes others, displacing 5,000 people; UN Special Rapporteur casts doubt on 'free and fair' elections; Hundreds protest unfair labor practices, leaders begin hunger strike; Reports released in October and much more...

Burma/Myanmar Election Day: Free-est & Fairest is Not Free & Fair
09 November 2015

On 8 November, Burma/Myanmar held what has been called its ‘free-est and fairest’ election in 25 years. An 80% turnout rate was reported for the 33.5 million Burmese eligible to vote in the election, which saw the first participation of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) in a general election since the (later annulled) 1990 elections.
After a half century of rule by authoritarian regimes, and 2010’s sham election which saw the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) win through widespread fraud, the landmark vote was heralded as the most credible in a generation, but was far from being ‘free and fair.’ The results will determine the composition of 75% of Burma’s National and Regional Parliaments, while 25% of seats remain reserved for the military.
Read more.

List of political parties
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Regime Watch • Profiles of the President and Vice-Presidents
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• Information on the Human Rights Commission
• Profiles of some of Burma's political prisoners
Press Releases, Open Letters, Statements, Briefers
16/10/15 Fear and Voting in Burma/Myanmar: 2015 Elections
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10/04/15 ASEAN needs to address rising intolerance in Myanmar
10/04/15 Burma: Release student demonstrators and hold police accountable for the violent crackdown
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