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April 2016

In the April 2016 issue: NLD release hundreds of Political prisoners released, other activists remain in prisoner; UN applauds releases, urges quick progress; State Counsellor Bill enacted; USDP dismisses Shwe Mann; Suu Kyi calls for a second Panglong Conference; update on Armed conflict/clashes and civilian abuse; Investigation into journalist killing; US Government calls for end of Rohingya abuses; Land confiscation continues; Water shortages hit drought-stricken areas and much more…

April 2016

Burma/Myanmar has a legacy of human rights violations linked to foreign investment and land acquisition for business activities, including large-scale development projects. A flawed and outdated legal framework, poor policy coherence, weak governance, rule of law deficiencies, and an exploitative and predatory approach to controlling natural resources have fuelled human rights violations and armed conflict. Despite a new government, ongoing military control and/or influence over key ministries remains a barrier to land reform. The legal framework for land acquisition violates international standards. Institutionalized impunity and discrimination, a lack of transparency, and corrupt and unregulated industries present a significant risk to local residents, as well as local and foreign investors. As foreign direct investment increases in Burma, it is crucial that the new National League for Democracy (NLD)-led government tackles land acquisition as a priority policy issue. The current legal and policy framework must be significantly reformed to ensure transparent investment practices and that human rights are respected by businesses operating in the country. Such measures should be conflict-sensitive, clearly address the impact of past abuses and provide concrete means to protect human rights. This short factsheet summarizes business and human rights concerns in Burma/Myanmar, and highlights the need for reforms before appropriate human rights due diligence can be conducted.

List of political parties
• Overview of People's Assembly, National Assembly and National Parliament
• Related reports on parliamentary affairs
Regime Watch • Profiles of the President and Vice-Presidents
• Profile of the Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief
• Information on the Human Rights Commission
• Profiles of some of Burma's political prisoners
Press Releases, Open Letters, Statements
05/04/16 ICAR & ALTSEAN-Burma Partner to Support the Development of a National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights in Burma/Myanmar
17/03/16 Government’s response to UN review “extremely disappointing”
11/02/16 Call on the Human Rights Council to extend the mandate of the Special Rapporteur
29/01/16 Burma: New Parliament must prioritize the repeal or amendment of repressive laws
05/11/15 International Human Rights Organizations Call for Accountability of Lt. Gen. Ko Ko, Myanmar’s Minister of Home Affairs
20/04/15 Burma/Myanmar's Prisoners of Conscience Affairs Committee needs urgent reform
10/04/15 ASEAN needs to address rising intolerance in Myanmar
Latest Updates
23/05/16 - Job Opportunity: Research intern role available.
13/05/16 - Job Opportunity: Women of Burma Training intern role available.
12/05/16 - April 2016 Burma Bulletin published.
19/04/16 - Business and Human Rights Factsheet published.
05/04/16 - March 2016 Burma Bulletin published.
05/04/16 - ICAR & ALTSEAN-Burma Partnership press release.
17/03/16 - FIDH & ALTSEAN-Burma Press Release on Burma's 2nd UPR published.
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11/02/16 - FIDH open letter with ALTSEAN-Burma and others published.
15/02/16 - Post-election human rights developments factsheet published.
11/02/16 - December 2015 Burma Bulletin available in Burmese.
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29/01/16 - FIDH & ALTSEAN-Burma Press Release published.
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20/12/15 - October 2015 Burma Bulletin available in Burmese.
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