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For over 20 years Daw Suu has exhibited an unwavering commitment to non-violence and dialogue with Burma’s regime. In light of the regime’s repressive behavior, Daw Suu’s moderate voice and calls for national reconciliation have been the true beacon of hope for Burma’s people and must not be overlooked.

A prominent figure of the pro-democracy movement, Daw Suu commands widespread respect from Burma’s citizens, ethnic nationalities, and even within the armed forces. It is this common admiration that places Daw Suu in the unique position to peacefully guide democratic transition addressing the concerns of all parties.

For a peaceful transition to democracy to take place in Burma, the regime must engage in a sincere and inclusive dialogue regarding Burma’s political future. The regime must embrace Daw Suu’s calls for “reconciliation and progress towards a situation in which we can all participate together for the good of the future.”