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Altsean-Burma (the Alternative Asean Network on Burma) works with a broad range of people from Southeast Asia and beyond to promote the cause of human rights and democracy in Burma. We are known in the Burma movement for our advocacy and training activities, particularly our women's internship program.

We are looking for a highly-organized, emotionally mature WOMAN who is willing to live in Bangkok, is able to carry out the following duties and still maintain her sense of humor. We are a close-knit, committed team that has a reputation for getting things done. The successful candidate will be working with the support of interns and a management team.

Note: The particular context of our participants and training conditions mean that this position is reserved for women candidates.

The key aim for our internship program is to help women from Burma develop leadership skills, including multi-tasking, time management, respect for diversity, problem-solving, pro-active communication and team-building.


1. To be the key mentor and trainer of Altsean-Burma's interns, providing basic training on a one-to-one and group basis. Broad topic areas include:
* Productive work and communication habits
* Logical and critical thinking, problem-solving
* Analysis and discussion of human rights & gender issues
* Analysis and discussion of social & political issues and local, regional & global affairs in the context of Burma
* Advocacy, networking and alliance building
* Working as a team within a cross-cultural context
* Presentation, communication and advocacy skills
* Basic research and report writing
* Project management
* Security contingencies, risk assessment and risk management

2. Plan and coordinate the annual recruitment of interns. Plan and coordinate the logistics and security arrangements for intern for the duration of their stay at the Altsean-Burma office, as well as their travel to and from Bangkok.

3. Work with the team to develop, review and update the curriculum, training materials and lesson plans for the internship program. Facilitate the involvement of other staff or guest speakers in internship and alumni programs

4. Supervise the development, expansion and maintenance of a library of training resources for the internship and other training programs.

5. Manage the Altsean-Burma Intern Alumni Program, develop and deliver follow-up programs for alumni.

6. Generate narrative reports and proposals for funders and Altsean-Burma Board meetings.

7. Coordinate exposure activities to visit other organizations and/or relevant events

8. Assist in other strategic trainings to support capacity-building of women activists in international networking and advocacy.

9. Other tasks as directed.

The internship program for women (including refugees) from Burma, has been running since March 1997. Six interns spend five and a half months living and working at the Altsean-Burma secretariat, before returning to their source organizations. The internship was started to help develop networking and advocacy capacities within and amongst Burmese women's organizations. Training interns can be an immensely satisfying experience because the transformation over five months is usually very significant. The internship program is becoming well known as an effective means of promoting women's political participation in the Burma democracy movement.

*18 months, renewable. Preferred start date June 2015.
* A three-month probationary period applies to all new staff. Continuation of contract is contingent on periodic staff performance reviews.
* Salary of Thai Baht 22,000 per month.
* Visa allowance of Thai Baht 13,000 per month upon satisfactory completion of probationary period.
* Partial subsidy for a one-off return economy air ticket to Bangkok.
* Basic accommodation during probationary period.
* 10 working days annual leave & up to 12 working days visa leave per year.
* Minimum of 40 working hours per week, excluding public holidays (according to Thai calendar).


The applicant should be able to prove that she is a highly organized person who possesses the following skills and qualities:
* Ability to multi-task and produce high quality work
* Highly developed cross-cultural communication skills
* A strong sense of responsibility. Persistence and some creativity
* A good sense of balance and judgment
* The ability to maintain a degree of emotional neutrality
* Commitment to the principles of women’s empowerment and human rights

Applicants will also have an advantage if they have work or volunteer experience relevant to Burma, community education and/or political advocacy

The applicant must possess a valid passport and be able to obtain visas to enter Thailand.

Respect for and adherence to the security precautions of the Altsean-Burma Secretariat is essential. The Altsean-Burma Secretariat is a non-smoking workplace. While Altsean does not publicise its training activities, interested individuals may wish to check out its political approach by reading its recent publications, available at

ENQUIRIES: Debbie Stothard, Coordinator. Tel + 661 686 1652 or

TO APPLY (DEADLINE 5pm, March 27, 2015 Bangkok time):

Please send your application CLEARLY MARKED "TRA2015" IN THE SUBJECT LINE to

Your application must comprise:
1. A completed
application form
2. Resume/curriculum vitae. Incomplete applications will not be considered. You may submit any additional material to support your application.


March 27: Deadline for applications.
April 4-5: Short-listed candidates notified. Written scenarios/questions relevant to the telephone interview will be sent out. Appointments set for telephone interviews.
April 9-10: Telephone interviews, referees contacted
April 30: Decision made, job offer sent out.