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December 2015

In the December 2015 issue: Aung San Suu Kyi meets with former dictator Than Shwe, President Thein Sein, Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing, and National Parliament Speaker Shwe Mann to discuss peaceful transition; Government submits bills to shield Thein Sein from prosecution and to lessen NLD authority on National Defense and Security Council; Framework for Political Dialogue is set without equal representation for non-signatory EAOs, women, and civil society; Tatmadaw refuses safe passage for IDPs facing food and health crises; Two more jade landslides kill up to 70 people as Mines Ministry calls for martial law; and much more...

October 2015

The Burmese authorities have failed to implement most of the recommendations from previous United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolutions, despite recent ones being adopted by consensus, in particular Resolution 69/248 adopted in 2014. The information presented in this briefer refers directly to the language proposed for the 2015 UNGA Resolution. In 2015, authorities continued to either fail to address, or collude in serious human rights violations, and took steps to undermine the possibility of ‘free and fair’ elections on 8 November. These developments seriously compromise the possibility of progress toward genuine democracy and national reconciliation in Burma. This briefer summarizes developments on the ground with direct reference to key paragraphs of the 2014 resolution and includes Altsean-Burma's recommended text for the 2015 UNGA resolution.

List of political parties
• Overview of People's Assembly, National Assembly and National Parliament
• Related reports on parliamentary affairs
Regime Watch • Profiles of the President and Vice-Presidents
• Profile of the Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief
• Information on the Human Rights Commission
• Profiles of some of Burma's political prisoners
Press Releases, Open Letters, Statements
29/01/16 Burma: New Parliament must prioritize the repeal or amendment of repressive laws
05/11/15 International Human Rights Organizations Call for Accountability of Lt. Gen. Ko Ko, Myanmar’s Minister of Home Affairs
20/04/15 Burma/Myanmar's Prisoners of Conscience Affairs Committee needs urgent reform
10/04/15 ASEAN needs to address rising intolerance in Myanmar
10/04/15 Burma: Release student demonstrators and hold police accountable for the violent crackdown
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